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New Project coming up

february 2024



Leading up to the grand reopening of a new hotel, Grandhotel Hessischer Hof has been transformed into one of Germany’s most exclusive and extraordinary off-locations. Here, decades of mundaine history converge with the essence of innovative ideas, cutting-edge technologies, and unique events, creating a truly remarkable fusion of past and future.



Welcome to NM57, one of Frankfurts very first placemaking projects! Nestled in the heart of the city, we’ve transformed a once-abandoned business building into a vibrant off-location oasis for afterwork enthusiasts. It held a sweet blend of modern design, urban culture, and community spirit.



NEUE KAISER seamlessly combines culture, culinary delights, and the future of work, all within the same vibrant space. Located at the intersection of Neue Mainzer and Kaiserstrasse, we’ve transformed a retail area and a former bank building into a dynamic destination where everyone can immerse themselves in a captivating fusion of diverse communities and live performances both on stage and in the kitchen.

Danzig am Platz

Startup Offlocation

DANZIG AM PLATZ, situated at the east end of Frankfurt, stands out as one of the city’s most vibrant and creative hubs. What was once an old-fashioned retail building has been ingeniously repurposed from a storage facility for Frankfurt’s innovative beer startup, FRANKFURTER BRAUUNION, into a thriving ecosystem. Today, it houses 100 local startups, the renowned German Museum for Architecture, various NGOs, and distinctive event spaces, making it a dynamic epicenter of innovation and culture.